The DFK/USA Board of Directors, comprising of one representative from each member firm, meets twice yearly to give direction to the affairs of the association.

The DFK/USA Executive Committee, comprising eight officers, is authorized to act on behalf of the Board and meets monthly, primarily by conference call.

The DFK/USA Executive Office conducts and facilitates the day-to-day affairs of the association, including all administrative, communication and financial functions, as well as maintaining member relations and member services.

DFK/USA as a National Group is a member of DFK International, headquartered by an Executive Office in London.

DFK/USA has two representatives on the International Board of Directors. DFK International/USA is a 502(c)(6) New York not-for-profit corporation with its principal place of business in Washington, DC. The association has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. The association and its members are governed by a set of bylaws and an affiliation agreement between the association and its member firms.

Each firm is independent and no partnership, implied or otherwise, exists between member firms by reason of their membership in DFK International/USA.