Leadership Development & Coaching

What is your firm doing about succession? DFK programs help develop the next generation of firm leaders.

DFK/USA provides leadership training to new partners and new managers — two critical career junctures — through our Leadership Development Conferences. These small seminars, with limited enrollment, are conducted in two parts, each a day and a half, in the fall and in the spring in a central location. A leading management coach to accounting firms instructs and facilitates the program.

Some of the objectives of the leadership development program are to:

Some of the topics addressed include:

In addition to our Leadership Development Conferences, DFK builds sessions devoted to leadership skill development into every major DFK conference.

In addition to our more formal programs intended to coach leadership skills, membership in DFK often results in informal coaching, whereby thoughts, ideas or problems can be bounced off a DFK colleague at another firm. Such informal coaching can be invaluable. This type of benefit of membership usually arises once partners have attended several DFK conferences and deepened their friendships and familiarity with one another.